Updated list of API and ISO Standards for SRP

In this article, the last updated list of API & ISO standards for sucker rod pumps is presented. These standards can be considered as reference documents as well as a basis for training classes in the subject of sucker rod pumps.


  • RP 11AR – Recommended Practice for Care and Use of Subsurface Pumps (includes Errata dated December 2013):

RP 11AR provides information on the proper selection, operation, and maintenance of subsurface pumps so the best economical life can be obtained. Pages: 50

4th Edition | June 2000 | Reaffirmed: January 2014

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  • Spec 11AX – Specification for Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump Assemblies, Components, and Fittings.

Spec 11AX provides the requirements and guidelines for the design of subsurface sucker rod pumps and their components as defined herein for use in the sucker rod lift method for the petroleum and natural gas industry.

The specification covers subsurface sucker rod pump assemblies (including insert and tubing), components, and fittings in commonly used bore sizes for the sucker rod lift method. Sufficient dimensional and material requirements are provided to assure interchangeability and standardization of all component parts.

The specification does not cover specialty subsurface sucker rod pump accessories or special design components. Also, installation, operation, and maintenance of these products are not included in this specification; however, recommendations can be found in RP 11AR. Pages: 107

13th Edition | May 2015 | Effective Date: November 4, 2015

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  • Spec 11B – Specification for Sucker Rods, Polished Rods and Liners, Couplings, Sinker Bars, Polished Rod Clamps, Stuffing Boxes, and Pumping Tees (includes Errata 1 dated October 2010 and Errata 2 dated February 2011):

Spec 11B provides the requirements and guidelines for the design and rating of steel sucker rods and pony rods, polished rods, polished rod liners, couplings and sub-couplings, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sucker rods, sinker bars, polished rod clamps, stuffing boxes, and pumping tees as defined herein for use in the sucker rod lift method for the petroleum and natural gas industry.

Annexes A through H provide the requirements for specific products. Annex I includes the requirements for thread gauges, Annex J illustrates the components of a sucker rod lift system, and Annex K shows examples of sucker rod discontinuities. This specification does not cover sucker rod guides, sucker rod rotators, shear tools, on-off tools, stabilizer bars, sealing elements used in stuffing boxes, or interface connections for stuffing boxes and pumping tees. Also, installation, operation, and maintenance of these products are not included in this specification. Pages: 91

27th Edition | May 2010 | Effective Date: November 1, 2010

2-Year Extension: February 2015

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  • RP 11BR – Recommended Practice for the Care and Handling of Sucker Rods:

RP 11BR covers the care and handling of steel sucker rods, including guidelines on selection, allowable stress, proper joint makeup, corrosion control, and used rod inspection. Pages: 28

9th Edition | August 2008 | Reaffirmed: April 2015

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  • Spec 11E – Specification for Pumping Units (includes Errata 1 dated August 2015)

Spec 11E provides the requirements and guidelines for the design and rating of beam pumping units for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry. Included are all components between the carrier bar and the speed reducer input shaft.

This includes the beam pump structure, the pumping unit gear reducer, and the pumping unit chain reducer. Only loads imposed on the structure and/or gear reducer by the polished rod load are considered in this specification. Also included are the requirements for the design and rating of enclosed speed reducers wherein the involute gear tooth designs include helical and herringbone gearing. The rating methods and influences identified in this specification are limited to single and multiple stage designs applied to beam pumping units in which the pitch-line velocity of any stage does not exceed 5,000 ft/min and the speed of any shaft does not exceed 3,600 r/min. This standard does not cover chemical properties of materials, installation and maintenance of the equipment, beam type counterbalance units, prime movers and power transmission devices outside the gear reducer, or control systems. Pages: 104.

19th Edition | November 2013 | Effective Date: May 1, 2014

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  • RP 11ER – Recommended Practice for Guarding of Pumping Units:

RP 11ER provides a reference or guide for the design, manufacture, and installation of guards for oil well pumping units. It is based on practices that experience has shown to be functionally safe and practical. This recommended practice is intended to provide safeguards for all persons who are required to work around or on oil well pumping units. Pages: 17

3rd Edition | November 2009 | Reaffirmed: March 2015

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  • RP 11G – Recommended Practice for Installation, Maintenance and Lubrication of Pumping Units:

RP 11G provides guidance related to the proper installation, care, and maintenance of surface mounted beam pumping units, varieties of which are described in Spec 11E. Information provided in this document is of a general nature and is not intended to replace specific instruction provided by the pumping unit manufacturer. This document further establishes certain minimum requirements intended to promote the safe installation, operation, and servicing of pumping unit equipment. Pages: 26.

5th Edition | November 2013

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  • TR 11L – Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems (Conventional Units):

TR 11L covers recommendations for design calculations for conventional unit sucker rod pumping systems based on test data submitted to API by Sucker Rod Pumping Research, Inc.

The topics include vibration characteristics of sucker rod strings, physical characteristics of sucker rods, and dimensional analysis of sucker rod pumping systems. The calculations apply to the broad category of average, normal pumping wells fitting the assumed conditions defined therein. Unusual or out-of-the-ordinary conditions will cause deviations from calculated performance. Pages: 24

5th Edition | June 2008

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  • Bull 11L2 – Bulletin on Catalog of Analog Computer Dynamometer Cards:

Bull 11L2 contains over 1100 polished rod dynamometer cards taken with the electronic analog simulator and arranged in convenient form for comparison with field tests. Pages: 77

1st Edition | December 1969 | Reaffirmed: September 1999

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  • Bull 11L3 – Sucker Rod Pumping System Design Book

(includes Errata 1 dated November 1973 and Supplement 1 dated February 1977)

Bull 11L3  contains print-out tables of computer calculated values for selecting sucker rod systems. Values are included for depths of 200 ft to 12,000 ft in increments of 500 feet, and production rates of 100 barrels per day to over 1,500 barrels per day in varying increments. Various rod string pump stroke, pump size, and pumping speed combinations that will do the job within the limiting parameters are listed. Pages: 574

1st Edition | May 1970

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  • TR 11L6 – Technical Report on Electric Motor Prime Mover for Beam Pumping Unit Service:

TR 11L6 covers polyphase, squirrel-cage, induction motors for use as the prime mover for beam pumping units (size range of 200 hp and below). Motors to be operated from solid-state or other types of variable frequency/variable voltage power supplies for adjustable speed applications will require individual consideration to provide satisfactory performance and are beyond the scope of this document. Motors conforming to this document are suitable for operation in accordance with their full load rating under ambient temperature at a maximum altitude of 1000 m (3300 ft) above sea level with outdoor sever duty application, including blowing dust or snow, corrosive atmospheres, high humidity, and cyclic loading. Pages: 13

2nd Edition | May 2008

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  • ISO 10428:1993 – Sucker rods (pony rods, polished rods, couplings and sub-couplings) – Specification.

Specifies the requirements for the dimensional characteristics, chemical and mechanical properties and gauging practice. Requirements are specified in the twenty-forth edition of API Specification 11B (Spec 11B), October 1990, which is adopted as ISO 10428. For the purposes of international standardization, modifications have been made that are outlined.

  • Current status : Published
  • Publication date : 1993-12
  • This standard was last reviewed and confirmed in 2010. Therefore this version remains current.
  • Edition : 1 Number of pages : 44

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