Updated list of API and ISO Standards for ESP

In this article, the last updated list of API & ISO standards for electrical submersible pump is presented. These standards can be considered as reference documents as well as a basis for training classes in the subject of electrical submersible pump.

  • RP 11S – Recommended Practice for the Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Electric Submersible Pump Installations:

RP 11S covers all of the major components that comprise a standard electric submersible pumping system, their operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It is specifically prepared for installations in oil and water producing wells where the equipment is installed on tubing. It is not prepared for equipment selection or application.

Pages: 18

3rd Edition | November 1994 | Reaffirmed: October 2013

Product Number: G11S03 | Price: $83.00

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  • RP 11S1 – Recommended Practice for Electrical Submersible Pump Teardown Report:

RP 11S1 covers a recommended electrical submersible pump teardown report form. It also includes equipment schematic drawings that may provide assistance in identifying equipment components. These schematics are for generic equipment components, and there may be differences between manufacturers on the exact description or configuration of the assemblies.

Pages: 36

3rd Edition | September 1997 | Effective Date: December 15, 1997

Reaffirmed: October 2013 | Product Number: G11S13 | Price: $122.00

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  • RP 11S2 – Recommended Practice for Electric Submersible Pump Testing:

RP 11S2 provides guidelines and procedures covering electric submersible pump performance testing intended to establish product consistency. These practices are generally considered appropriate for the majority of pump applications. This document covers the acceptance testing of electric submersible pumps (sold as new) by manufacturers, vendors, or users to the prescribed minimum specifications. Pages: 12

2nd Edition | August 1997 | Effective Date: October 1, 1997

Reaffirmed: October 2013 | Product Number: G11S22 | Price: $83.00

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  • RP 11S3 – Recommended Practice for Electrical Submersible Pump Installations:

RP 11S3 addresses the installation and replacement of all major components comprising an electrical submersible pumping system. Specifically, it addresses equipment installation on tubing in oil and gas production operations. Pages: 11

2nd Edition | March 1999 | Reaffirmed: October 2013

Product Number: G11S32 | Price: $89.00

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  • RP 11S4 – Recommended Practice for Sizing and Selection of Electric Submersible Pump Installations:

RP 11S4 discusses in some detail each component of the ESP system (pump, motor, intake, seal or protector, cable, switchboard, etc.) as far as what must be considered for the best selection at a desired rate and well conditions. Examples are given to illustrate the basic design procedure and illustrate how PVT correlations, multiphase flow correlations, and inflow performance relationships are used. Summary designs and computer examples using the detailed design principles are presented that show how design considerations fit together and how tools such as computer programs allow faster solutions resulting in easier trial and error calculations for optimization of designs and study of existing installations. Topics such as PVT correlations, multiphase flow correlations, and inflow performance relationships are discussed in the appendices. Pages: 31

3rd Edition | July 2002 | Reaffirmed: October 2013

Product Number: G11S43 | Price: $79.00

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  • RP 11S5 – Recommended Practice for the Application of Electrical Submersible Cable Systems:

RP 11S5 covers the application (size and configuration) of electrical submersible cable systems by manufacturers, vendors, or users. The document addresses the varies uses of different cable insulation systems, including jackets, braids, armor, and related coverings, as well as auxiliary cable components for cable conductors. The document also addresses splicing and terminating cables including splicing, lengthening, and repairs.

Pages: 38

2nd Edition | April 2008 | Reaffirmed: October 2013

Product Number: G11S52 | Price: $109.00

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  • RP 11S6 – Recommended Practice for Testing of Electric Submersible Pump Cable Systems:

RP 11S6 covers field testing of electric submersible pump cable systems. This document is organized into three major topic categories. The first category provides general definitions and an overview of terms, safety considerations, and cable system preparation guidelines. The second category identifies various situations under which testing is performed. The third category identifies test methods and procedures. Pages: 18

1st Edition | December 1995 | Reaffirmed: October 2013

Product Number: G11S61 | Price: $89.00

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  • RP 11S7 – Recommended Practice on Application and Testing of Electric Submersible Pump Seal Chamber Sections:

RP 11S7 applies to the seal chamber section used in support of an electric submersible motor. The recommended practice contains tutorial, testing, and failure evaluation information on the seal chamber section used in support of an electric submersible motor. The document provides a general understanding of construction and functioning of seal chamber sections, identification of well conditions, system requirements, and characteristics that influence component section and application. Pages: 28

1st Edition | July 1993 | Reaffirmed: October 2013

Product Number: G05947 | Price: $89.00

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  • RP 11S8 – Recommended Practice on Electric Submersible System Vibrations:

RP 11S8 provides guidelines to establish consistency in the control and analysis of electric submersible pump (ESP) system vibrations. This document is considered appropriate for the testing of ESP systems and subsystems for the majority of ESP applications. This RP covers the vibration limits, testing, and analysis of ESP systems and subsystems. Pages: 18

2nd Edition | October 2012 | Product Number: G11S802 | Price: $78.00

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  • ISO 15551-1 (2015) – Part 1: Electric submersible pump systems for artificial lift:

ISO 15551-1:2015 provides requirements for the design, design verification and validation, manufacturing and data control, performance ratings, functional evaluations, handling, and storage of tubing-deployed electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems as defined herein. This part of ISO 15551 is applicable to those components meeting the definition of centrifugal pumps including gas handling devices, discharge heads, seal chamber sections, intake systems, mechanical gas separators, induction motors (herein motor), shaft couplings, motor lead extension, pothead, and power cables, as defined herein. Components supplied under the requirements of this part of ISO 15551 exclude previously used subcomponents. Additionally, this International Standard provides requirements for assembled ESP systems.

ISO 15551-1:2015 includes normative annexes addressing design validation performance rating requirements by component, requirements for determining ratings as an assembled system, functional evaluation: single component and cable reference information.

ISO 15551-1:2015 includes informative annexes addressing functional evaluation guidelines for assembled ESP systems, establishing recommended operating range (ROR) of the ESP system, example user/purchaser ESP functional specification form, considerations for the use of 3-phase low and medium voltage adjustable speed drives for ESP applications, analysis after ESP use, downhole monitoring of ESP assembly operation, and information on permanent magnet motors for ESP applications.

Equipment not covered by this part of ISO 15551 includes wireline and coiled tubing-deployed ESP systems, motor and pump shrouds, electric penetrators and feed-through systems, cable clamps and banding, centralizers, intake screens, passive gas separators, by-pass tools, check and bleeder valves, component adaptors, capillary lines, electric surface equipment, downhole permanent magnet motors, and non-conventionally configured ESP systems such as inverted systems. Repair and redress equipment requirements are not covered in this part of ISO 15551.

The terminologies used within this part of ISO 15551 are; “ESP assembly” for a system of products combined into an operational machine, “component” for individual products such as, pumps or seal chamber sections, and “subcomponent” for individual parts or subassemblies that are used in the construction of an individual component.

General information:

Current status: Published

Publication date: 2015-05

Edition: 1

Number of pages: 121

Technical Committee: ISO/TC 67/SC 4 – Drilling and production equipment

ICS:  75.180.10 – Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment

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