Surface Components of Sucker Rod Pumps in different languages

The working principle of a sucker rod pumping unit, as well as its components, have been detailed in a previous article titled: “Beam Pumping Unit Principles and Components”. This article will focus on the names of surface components of sucker rod pumps used in different languages, namely: Arabic, English, and French.

NB: As a reminder, beam pumping unit is a machine for translating rotary motion from a crankshaft to a linear reciprocating motion for the purpose of transferring mechanical power to a down-hole pump. The purpose, simply stated, of the basic system is to transmit energy from the surface to the downhole pump.

The following figure depicts the main components of a surface sucker rod pumping unit (conventional type in this case).

The following table presents the names of surface components of sucker rod pumps  Arabic, English, and French languages:

عربي English French
  رافعة الفرامل Brake Lever Levier de frein
المحرك Prime mover Moteur
كابل الفرامل Brake cable Câble de frein
حامي الأقشطة Belt cover Carter ou Protection courroie
الفرامل Brake Frein
علبة السرعة Gear reducer Réducteur
 قاعدة علبة السرعة Reducer Sub-base Châssis réducteur
الذراع Pitman Biellette
الهرم Samson post Trépied
الكتف Equalizer Equalizer
 بيليا الكتف Equalizer bearing Palier arrière ou Roulement Equalizer
المضجع المركزي Center bearing Palier central
الميزان Walking beam Poutre
رأس الحصان Horsehead Tête de cheval
السلم Samson Post Ladder Echelle
الكبل Wireline Câble de traction
الحمالة Carrier Bar Palonnier
مشبك القضيب الأملس Polished rods clamp Clamp de tige polie
القضيب الأملس Polished rod Tige polie
 الساعد أو الكرنك Crank Bielle
 قضيب الكرنك المخروط Crank pin bearing Cône de bielle ou Maneton
أثقال التوازن Counterweight Contre poids
 ستافينق بوكس أو مربع حشو Stuffing box Stuffing box (ou Presse étoupe)
الصبة الإسمنتية Frame/Base Dalle
 مقياس الزيت Oil Level Plug Jauge à huile

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